1. If "N.C.C." was a religious organization, how dare it stood by the side of Satan and fought against God/Yahweh/Yeshua/Jesus/Elohim? Your organization has funded Socialist, Communists who deprive persons from life, liberty and pursuit of happiness by their communist dictatorship. Yes, Socialist, Communists are people who infringe on the freedom of religion of any believer who believes in God so the believer will not be able to believe, worship freely the God the person believed. Therefore, by funding such Socialist, Communists you have taken the side of the Devil and fought against God. No religious person (organization) could ever do such a thing at all and it proves your organization is an atheistic communist organization. What the bible says is, there is no accord with the devil, the followers of the devil as noted in Isaiah chapter 14 verse 12-15, 2nd Corinthians chapter 6 verse 14-16. But in your case, you have reversed it and said there is accord with the devil and stood by the side of the devil.

2. The bible ( the book of Hebraism) favors capitalism over Socialism/Communism/ and even an atheist who doesn't even believe in it but who read the bible could tell the bible favors capitalism over Socialism, Communism. So, should your organization was a religious organization, you would have figured it easily since it is an ABCD of the bible.

3. If your organization was a religious organization, how could you ever take the side of the enemies of the state of Israel and condemn Israel ? I don't mean in any other thing but about the land of Israel as well as its territory. The bible in Genesis chapter 15 verse 18-21, Exodus chapter 23 verse 31-33, Ezekiel chapter 47 verse 13-20 tells God has provided all the countries noted in, as inheritance for the state of Israel. And Israelis/Hebrews/ have inherited the land and lived there as noted in Joshua chapter 21 verse 43-44. So, how dare you fight against Israel in support of the enemies of Israel who have taken large parts of their land against Israel in its dispute for its land? It again proves your organization is an irreligious, atheistic communist organization. Also, in Zechariah chapter 14 it tells when Yeshua/Jesus will come to Israel for second time, he will fight against the nations which fought against Israel. So, the enemies of Israel will be put to shame and the God of Israel will not forsake Israel.

4. I have a divine vision in 1999 and I saw your organization collapse, bye!

I have cast out the "God" of the abominable practicers and treated him under mine and Pemstrojdew's feet then dusted him in hell as Exodus chapter 8 verse 19, Mark chapter 16 verse 17, Acts chapter 19 verse 13-20 

I have defied all the male figures, they are part of the hanged, beheaded, exterminated, executed

Hell is prepared for the devil, the followers of the devil (the abominable practicer, Communist, anti-Israeli, Satanic conspirators) as noted in Psalm chapter 9 verse 17, Matthew chapter 25 verse 41, Revelation chapter 20 verse 10.

White girls (Caucasian, Middle Eastern girls who were atheists or had very little knowledge about G-d/Yahweh/Yeshua/Jesus/Elohim before you studied any of my Hebraist lessons), Whiteskin girls (Caucasian, Middle eastern girls who were affiliated to Christianity, Judaism, Messianic Judaism before you studied any of my Hebraist lessons), you are you are now Hebraist. Accordingly, it is necessary you grow in Hebraism and become Hebraist minister, political, business,  science and technology leader... Also, God has established the Hebraist administration in which you should be raised as member of our Hebraist Bet Elohim. Therefore, it is necessary you register at in which membership is free.  In addition, there are five benefits you could get for joining Hebraist Bet Elohim. Therefore, register yourself at Hebraist white girls' self registration page.  Please also visit Mekbib&PemstrojdewAdgehs' Marriage in which I am married to you ( my Hebraist white girls)


Dr. Mekbib adgeh,

Hebraist Bet Elohim  Founder, high priest

The proud redskin Israeli American man

The greatest world leader, the Hebrew